Computer and Network Security

Fall 2020

Course Outline

This course is an introduction to the broad field of computer, network, and information security.
We will cover both computer security (including such topics as security policies, access control, viruses, etc.) and network security (such as protocols for maintaining confidentiality of email or for secure web transactions), along with some relevant background in basic cryptography.

General Information

  • The class meets Wednesday from 7:30 – 09:45 in E.116
  • An optional textbook for this course is “Network Security: Private Communication in a Public World, 2nd edition” (by Kaufman, Perlman, and Speciner).
    Please note that although this book serves as a good reference for network security,
    it offers very little treatment of other aspects of computer security and we will therefore supplement it with readings from other texts and papers. (Note further
    that the book’s treatment of cryptography is very different from the way cryptography is taught in class.)
  • There is also a classroom in MS Team you can use for questions specifically related to the homework.
  • Grading will be based on Lab (35%), attendance (15%), and a final exam (50%). (Note that homeworks make up a significant portion of the final grade!) Class participation will be taken into account for borderline grades.



Instructor: Le Kim Hung . Office: E8.4 . Office hours: Monday 2:30-3:30. Please email me if you plan to come to office hours, as I sometimes step out briefly.
Teaching Assistants: Nguyen Thanh Hoa. Office: E8.6.

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